Hello to all Sweet Addicts and Calorie Counters Alike,

My name is Lisa and I am the founder and CEO of Honey Bare Cheesecakes. I am excited to introduce all natural and nutritious dessert alternatives to the market. As a kid growing up I had a very special relationship with my grandmother who was an exceptional baker but suffered from Diabetes. While I loved baking with her, I quickly realized she craved desserts and sweets that she could not have. With the love of food and fitness clouding my mind I quickly set out on a quest for solutions that were better for her health and better matched my balanced lifestyle. After countless midnight binge baking sessions and special help from my sister Lori, I found my niche. Cheesecake!

Soon after, my grandmother passed away. I then made the decision to build my company and share my healthier desserts with others. My passion with Culinary Arts and ongoing studies in Nutrition gave me the knowledge to keep my family traditions alive and well but in a healthier format. Living healthy is a lifestyle and part of our mission at Honey Bare, we understand that life is short and we all want to live it fully.

We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice what you love to maintain a beneficial approach to food. I can’t wait for the world to taste a slice of Honey Bare! From our hive to your home, Enjoy!